Today, I will tell you about the price of 1 ton of natural gas heating boiler and how much is 1 ton of natural gas?

First of all, let’s talk about the price of 1 ton natural gas hot water boiler. Of course, different manufacturers have different costs and models. Parameters and models will affect the price of a ton of natural gas steam boilers. A boiler is a pressure vessel. For the sake of safety, you must choose a regular and gas-fired boiler leader when purchasing.

Gas(oil) Fired Integrated Hot Water Boiler
Gas(oil) Fired Integrated Hot Water Boiler

1 ton of natural gas heating boiler price and how much is 1 ton of natural gas?

Now, let’s talk about the heating situation of 1 ton gas boiler:

1 ton of low nitrogen environmental protection gas boiler, the heating area is about 5,500 square meters, more than 120,000 square meters, and can meet the national environmental protection emission standards

One ton of gas-fired steam boilers require about 80 cubic meters of natural gas per hour. According to the calculation of the natural gas combustion value of 8500 kcal/m3, it takes 200,000 kcal of heat to heat 1 t of water to 100 °C, plus the heat of vaporization and the temperature of high-pressure steam (not according to pressure).

Under normal circumstances, a ton of steam boilers use 80 cubic meters of natural gas and 66 kilograms of diesel per hour. The price of natural gas is 2 yuan/cubic meter, and the price of diesel is 6.2 yuan/kg. Under normal circumstances, one hour can save 6.266-280=249 yuan. This and energy prices are everywhere.

One ton of heating area is 6,000 square meters, and two tons of heating area is 12,000 square meters, and four tons of heating area is 24,000 square meters. 6 tons of heating area of 36,000 square meters.

Heating a 4,000-square-meter apartment, using a gas tank for 4 months, costs about 1 ton of pot.

There are too many conditions for this variable, especially the oil price. One ton of steam consumes about 81m3 of natural gas.


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