• Introduction
  • How much do industrial boilers cost?
  • What is the price of a steam boiler?
  • Which boiler is used in industry?
  • What are the 3 types of boilers?
  • The price of industrial boiler
  • Industrial boiler models and technical parameters
  • Conclusion


Industrial boilers are a necessary part of the industrial sector. There are many boiler categories, including oil/gas fired boilers, biomass/coal fired boilers, electric heating boilers and so on. Among them, oil/gas boilers and coal-fired boilers are the most commonly used in industry. How much does an industrial boiler cost? This is the first question that friends who need to buy a boiler want to know. In fact, there is no exact figure for this question because its price is affected by many factors such as brand, model, parameters and so on. Therefore, we have to analyze these factors one by one according to different needs of our customers

How much do industrial boilers cost?

The cost of the boiler is affected by many factors, and it can be used according to actual needs to choose suitable boilers.

  • The price of the boiler depends on its capacity, which is usually measured in kilowatts (kW). The larger the capacity, the higher its unit cost. For example, a large industrial boiler with a 500 kW capacity costs more than a small industrial boiler with only 50 kW capacity. Therefore, you should consider whether you need more or less power when purchasing your new boiler.

What is the price of a steam boiler?

The price of a steam boiler is not cheap, but we don’t worry about that. The price of the boiler is affected by many factors, which can be used according to actual needs to choose suitable boiler.

For example:

  • Water quality and its anti-corrosion ability affect the life span of the boiler;
  • The type of water system and heat transfer medium affect the heat transmission efficiency of steam generator;
  • The design parameter selection affects technical efficiency, reliability and economy of steam generator;

Which boiler is used in industry?

Oil, coal and gas are the most commonly used fuels for industrial boilers. Biomass is also an alternative fuel which is gaining popularity in recent years due to its low price and good combustion efficiency. There are many other options available on our website such as waste heat recovery system that can help you to save money and energy while running your boiler.

Oil-fired boilers have a higher capital cost than gas-fired ones, but they generate higher thermal efficiency. On the other hand, gas-fired boilers have lower capital costs but lower thermal efficiency compared with oil-fired equipment.

industrial boiler
industrial boiler price

What are the 3 types of boilers?

There are three types of boilers: steam, oil and gas.

  • The most common type of boiler in industry is a steam boiler. This type of boiler is used in many industrial applications, such as paper mills, food processing plants and refineries. They are also commonly used in the power generation industry because they can produce large amounts of energy at high temperatures with little fuel consumption.
  • Oil boilers are used in industries where there’s an abundance of crude oil or natural gas available to fuel them directly—for example, they’re commonly found at petroleum refineries or petrochemical plants that use these fuels as raw materials for their products. Because these facilities have access to cheap fuel sources like oil or natural gas (to name just two), it makes sense from a business perspective to use them instead of something more expensive like coal or nuclear power!

The price of industrial boiler

The price of an industrial boiler is the result of many factors. The size, power, efficiency and quality of a boiler are some of the most important factors affecting its price. Other important factors include location and brand.

The location also affects the cost of an industrial boiler. For instance, if you buy from a local supplier then you have to pay for transportation costs as well as installation costs which may be higher than those in other areas. On the other hand if you buy from abroad then there will be no installation or transportation charges hence making it cheaper to buy abroad.

Another factor that impacts on your expenses related to buying an industrial boiler is brand reputation because if your chosen manufacturer has poor customer service or they use inferior materials then this can affect prices negatively since they will not honor their warranties which would lead customers having problems with their new boilers making them seek another company’s services instead

Boiler manufacturers

There are many boiler manufacturers in China, India and UK. Here is a list of some of the most well-known brands:

Industrial boiler models and technical parameters

What’s the difference between this boiler and that one? How do I choose a model that fits my needs? These are questions we hear all the time from customers. We decided to answer them for you in this article!

It is important that you understand what kind of boiler is best for your facility. The type of industrial boiler you choose will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • The amount of steam required (i.e., how much heating capacity)
  • The size and configuration of your facility

The price of industrial boiler is affected by many factors, which can be used according to actual needs to choose suitable boiler.

The price of industrial boiler is affected by many factors, which can be used according to actual needs to choose suitable boiler.

The first factor is the price of copper and iron. It has a direct relationship with the manufacturing cost of boilers, because they are often used as materials or resources in the production process. The higher the price of copper and iron, the higher the manufacturing costs will be incurred.

In addition, labor costs also affect product prices directly or indirectly: if workers’ salaries are high, their wages will increase accordingly; if wages are low; it will bring about lower profits for enterprises and may even lead to bankruptcy.


We have to conclude that the price of industrial boilers is mostly affected by boiler type and configuration. If you want to buy a suitable boiler, you need to consider the specifications, capacity and pressure of the boiler, and then select the appropriate one according to your own needs.


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