How much is a vertical hot water boiler ? Let us analyze that the prices of hot water boilers of different models and capacities are different, then let us compare the differences and prices of vertical hot water boilers and horizontal gas boilers.

V6 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler
V6 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

vertical hot water boiler

A boiler is a special equipment that may not be common in life, but we can’t live without it. According to the structure, boilers can be divided into horizontal boilers and vertical boilers. Generally speaking, horizontal boilers are relatively large and suitable for factory or residential heating.

And we are closely related to the hot water boiler. In winter, heating is inseparable from a hot water boiler, and ordinary hot water is also inseparable from a hot water boiler. Of course, domestic boilers are generally wall-hung boilers, which are relatively small. Like hotels and schools, hot water is usually provided by hot water boilers.

We all know that the price of a ton of horizontal gas boilers is around 70,000-80,000. But a vertical 99kw boiler actually needs about 60,000-70,000. So what are the advantages of vertical boilers compared to horizontal boilers?

Generally speaking, the volume of the horizontal boiler is larger, and the price of the boiler body accounts for about 70% of the total price of the boiler. The rest is ancillary equipment and installation costs, etc. The vertical boiler is small, and now the vertical boiler can enter the elevator. The weight is generally more than 600 kg. smaller. The smaller the structure, the more precise the parts inside. Therefore, the price of horizontal boilers and vertical boilers is relatively poor in this regard.

After all, vertical boilers can be placed outdoors, balconies, basements, etc., while horizontal boilers need to build a corresponding boiler room. It has strong applicability and can be regarded as one of the advantages of vertical boilers.

Summary: Vertical boilers are small in size, easy to move, diverse in installation environments, and beautiful in appearance, which is why they are more expensive than horizontal boilers (of course, only some horizontal boilers).


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